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Interim manager

Interim manager

Work Experience

1999-2004 External Affairs & Strategic Planning Director, AstraZeneca UK Ltd

Responsibilities and achievements

1 Leadership role in the director team (of 7 people) putting the UK subsidiary on track to achieve sales of £1 billion by 2008 following major loss of sales in 2002 through patent expiries. Part of the team responsible for the launches of esomeprazole (Nexium), budesonide-eformoterol (Symbicort) and the most successful UK launch of any pharmaceutical, rosuvastatin (Crestor).
2 Leading change-management programmes, including
(a) Company-wide restructuring projects
(b) Joint leadership of a programme aimed at driving towards a high-performing organisation
(c) Sponsorship of a programme to define the Company ‘vision’ and consequent organisational change
3 Established three new functions
(a) Strategic (5 year) and Operational (1-2 year) planning
(b) Licensing and New Product Development
(c) A single department - Market Access, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (including external affairs). This is directed at optimising the use of clinical and other data to gain competitive advantage
4 Responsible for environmental analyses and for ensuring high-quality external input and critique: these have led to major changes in organisation and skill-base in the AstraZeneca UK subsidiary
5 Governance roles for the UK Marketing Company and broader roles for AstraZeneca in the UK – principally in IS and HR
6 Leadership responsibilities for the integration of Astra and Zeneca, and specifically for a directorate of up to 150 people (including a successful move to a new location)
7 Corporate and Social Responsibility, linked with the move to a new building in Luton
8 Including a governance role from 2001-2003 with the External Affairs & Development Committee of the University of Luton

Background to this role
(i) The UK subsidiary of AstraZeneca has a turnover of around £400M and around 1700 employees, and is on target to regain the UK “Number 2” position with sales exceeding £1 billion by 2008.
(ii) Leadership for up to 150 people, including introducing career mapping, and identification of ‘key roles and key people’ as a basis for succession planning and career development.

1996-1999 Business Development Director, Astra Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Responsibilities and achievements
1 Built a new function for Astra which was recognised as a major commercial role. Within this, protected the sales of Losec from competitor predation at NHS decision-maker levels, and established opportunities for case-finding
2 Leadership of a high-calibre and mutually-supportive leadership team which delivered the knowledge base for Astra [Business information and IS], and accountability for the Company’s approach to NHS influencers [Regional Business Development, Clinical Nursing, Disease Management Development, Postgraduate Education]
3 Established new functions to drive competitive advantage for Astra
(a) Piloted and then led a function to sell Astra Brands to NHS Management customers (Regional Business Development)
(b) Led the establishment and major development (to over 50 staff) of Clinical Nursing, with differentiation of the function by quality
(c) Set up a new function to address the needs of the new NICE organisation
(d) Initiated health economics as a tool for developing sales and profit
4 Driving sales and profit through innovation
5 Major change management or control projects including the implementation of SAP in Astra UK across three sites, and the Year 2000 Programme. All were achieved on time and on budget.

Background to thids position
(i) Astra was the #2 UK Pharmaceutical Company by sales during this period
(ii) Personal responsibility for around 160 staff

1990-1996 Clinical Research Director, Astra Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Responsibilities and achievements
1 Clinical Research to fulfil the Company’s business needs: during this period all promotion was based on clinical differentiation, and the majority of data were generated through these programmes which I designed
2 Losec (omeprazole) became the UK’s #1 prescription medicine during this period, and the entire sales campaign was based on differentiation from other products using data that came from the clinical research which I led. This included the first studies Worldwide of Losec in Primary Care.
3 Personally setting a standard for using simple health economics analyses to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of omeprazole compared with competitors
4 The Astra respiratory range, based on Pulmicort, would have alone represented a ‘top ten’ pharmaceutical company by sales; personally introduced studies of Pulmicort once-daily
5 Influencing the Astra Corporation regarding the development of Brands in a way that enabled successful commercialisation in the UK (e.g. for Losec in primary care, Losec in GORD, Pulmicort Respules)
6 Recruited and developed staff who moved to senior positions in clinical research in Astra and other pharmaceutical companies

Background to this role
(i) This period (including 1982-98 below) was one of great success and growth for Astra, moving from roughly 30th in the UK Industry rankings in 1982 to 2nd.
(ii) Sales rose during this period from around £10M to around £400M a year

1986-1990 Head of Clinical Research, Astra Pharmaceuticals Ltd

1982-1986 Clinical Scientist, Senior Clinical Scientist and Clinical Research Manager Astra Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

1973-1982 Lecturer in Physiology, University of London, and Visiting Professor, University of South Alabama, USA


B.Sc. (University of London, 1970) with first-class honours
Ph.D. (University of London, 1973) in cardiovascular pharmacology
D.Sc. (Medicine)(University of London, 2001)


Business environmental analysis
Strategic Planning
Business Development
Project leadership
Change management




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