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Finance manager

Finance manager

Work Experience

SAP Integraftion manager (8 months)
- Transferring the materialmasterdata from Supresta SAP to ICL SAP
- Transferring the vendors/customersmasterdata from Supresta SAP to ICL SAP
- Transferring fixed assets from Supresta SAP to ICL SAP
- Transferring general ledger accounts from Supresta SAP to ICL SAP
- Changing from Movingaverage costprice system into standardcosting price system.
- Changing from US Gaap reporting to IFRS reporting
- Testing and implementing new processes
- Describing gap analyses between Supresta and ICL
- Transferring several reports from Supresta to ICL

2006-2008 Supresta Netherlands (7 months)
Finance Manager Europe
- Responsible for day to day activities of the Dutch finance department as well as holding responsibility for Germany
- Month end closing
- Global intercompany reconciliation monthly
- Monthly review the SAR costcenters and explaining the difference with budget
- Monthly review COPA reports and explaining the difference with the budget
- Responsible for the salary administration and paying the net salaries to the Dutch employees, UK and Spain employees
- Monthly analysis of the contribution margin of the products.
- Assisting in annual budget process.
- Ensure proper and timely filing/paying of all tax returns and reports
- Preparing the statutory annual Year report
- SAP key user and prepare, implement changes
- Quarterly analysis of the FX impact, FIFO analysis, Profit in Inventory analysis and Slow moving of the inventory analysis

2006-2006 Mitsubishi Equipment Europe BV (2maanden)
Describing of the administrative organization for the accounts payable department and introduce this process to the employees.

2005-2006 Albemarle Catalysts Company (12 maanden)
SAP Upgrade Project
- Discussing and developing of the new SAP system.
- Transferring the reporting from statutory into the US Gaap.
- Responsible from the Finance for the upgrading of SAP 3.1 into 4.6. (mapping of GL accounts, mapping of costcenters, mapping of profit centers, tranferring the vendor masterdata, transferring customer master etc).
- Testing of the current processes in the new system.
- Testing of revenu recognition.
- Set up of new taxcode’s and reports in the new system to do tax reporting correctly.

2004-2005 Albemarle Catalysts Company (8 maanden)
Coordinator AR/AP/GL
- Giving guidance into 5/6 employees.
- Responsible for dividing of work at the AP & AR department.
- Responsible for the Intercompany reconciliation.
- Responsible for the correct AP, AR and GL balances.
- Responsible for the recurring entries together with the Plant and the SBU controllers.
- Participate of the Sarbanes Oxley project from FI point of view.
- Preparing the annual statutory reporting.

2003-2004 Arbo Unie (9 maanden)
Manager AR department
- Responsible for accounts receivable department.
- Booking of bankstatements.
- Discussing the payment proposal with the customers.
- Contact person for the collection agency.
- Printing and sending of all reminders
- Monthly reporting of the AR balances per category.

2003-2003 Network Associates, Inc. (2 maanden)
Interim manager
- Responsible for the credit analyses for the years 1998, 1999, 2000 en 2001 for a restatement project.
- Help auditors with their questions.

2002-2003 Dehnert & Jansen B.V. (14 maanden)
Head of Salary department
- Responsible for the gross/net payments of the employees.
- Responsible for filing of all documents related to the employees.
- Manage and support the masterdata of the salarysystem PERMAN (ADP)
- Manage and support of files related to pensions and sickness insurances.
- Responsible for the payments of the income taxes and the premiums.
- Contact person for the taxoffice (belastingdienst) and the UWV.
- Contact person for all the questions of the employees related to the salaryslip.

2001-2002 VX Company (4 maanden)
Administrator external employees
- Process the declaration of the employees.
- Processing lease invoices.
- Assisting with the year end closing.
- Calculating of the Netsalaries

1999-2001 PricewaterhouseCoopers N.V. (outsourcing)
Finance specialist (5 maanden)

- Coding and registration of the incoming and outgoing invoices.
- Prepare monthly the VAT
- Assisting with the year and reports

Dyade Dienstverlening Onderwijs (6 maanden)

- Responsible for the balance sheet accounts
- Process the declarations

Global Crossing (3 maanden)

- Responsible for some balance sheet accounts.
- Processing the incoiming invoices.
- Processing the bankstatements and the cashstatements.
COAssist (2maanden)
Auditing of the files of directors related to the administrative organization.

Ordina (2 maanden)

- Responsible for the administration of 1 business Unit.

Hans Verkerk Keukens (3 maanden)
Head of AP department

- Give guidance to 5 employees.
- Responsible for the planning of the process.
- Responsible for the payments of the invoices

Maetis Arbo (6 weken)
Head of AR department

- Give guidance to 4 employees
- Responsible for the planning of the administrative process.
- Introduce the employees to the new system (exact financials)

1998-1999 ASN
Calculating of the income taxes and assisting with the year and reports.

1997-1997 ABN-AMRO
- Checking the balances of gea/bea and making the journal entry.
- Responsible for the second cash system.


- Havo/MBO
- UVA (studerend)




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