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Project Manager / IT Manager

Project Manager / IT Manager

Work Experience

Period May 2005 - August 2005
Client Idit – Europe - Insurance
Role Project Manager
Project- Manager for International projects based on IDIT Insurance software 5 consultants.

Full-lifecycle responsibility in planning, cost-control, time-management, resource-management using MS-Project. (P & L responsibility)
Responsible for 1 project in business areas: Insurance
New project: Defining the business requirements and the implementation strategy, implementation time-scale and resource allocation, customer involvement. The project is a 3 year project divided into 4 time-frames. Resource allocation was the key issue in the project-definition phase. Other activities: scope definition and budget control due to the constraints of the project-owner.

Period October 2004 - April 2005
Client Falk eSolutions – Moers (Germany)
Role Development Director - Interim

Operational management and restructuring the division. (E.g., knowledge improvement employees, planning-coordination, defining additional staff-needs, workings-spirit enhancements)

Future developments, upgrade software, upgrade operating-system, integration of partnerships.
Software upgrade: Desktop update
OS-Upgrade: Linux upgrade to Redhat Enterprise. Negotiations with Redhat regarding pricing and SLA’s
Integration of partners: new business or enhancements on AdSolution or MailSolution had to be coordinated, planned and aligned with new partners.
Improvement Software development environment: Java, PHP, MySQL; Procedures, standards etc..
Impact of organizational changes and the IT-consequences for the next years.
Other responsibilities are development of HR-instruments and regulations.
40 off-shore development specialists handled mutually in St. Petersburg (Russia)(25) and Germany (15) (Moers). Detailed planning done by team-leaders but overall responsibility for global planning and budgets.
Writing the project plans for the main product lines AdSolution and MailSolution. This means: Issue-planning, release planning, new development planning. This had to be coordinated with the sales and marketing department.

Period January 2004 - September 2004
Client Intentia - Amersfoort
Role Project Manager
Project- & Implementation manager for International ERP-projects based on ERP-Software Movex with 15 consultants. (e.g. datawarehouse, workplaces, CRM, EDI) .
Full-lifecycle responsibility in planning, cost-control, time-management, resource-management using MS-Project. (Planning of internal Intentia resources available throughout the Business Group North West Europe.)
Responsible for 3 projects in different business areas: Food and Manufacturing.
Project 1: Status just before Go Live: extra manpower and resources needed. Project scope: ERP, E-Sales, Workplaces(Sales and Finance), EDI, Data warehousing and CRM. 2 month before Go Live take over the project from a colleague. As the responsible PM, manage the open issues before go live. Involve Intentia R&D, manage timeframe for R&D and Dutch consultants and Java developers to implement latest enhancements from R&D. Resource allocation on time was the main focus.

Project 2: New project: Defining the business requirements and the implementation strategy, implementation time-scale and resource allocation, customer involvement based on the Intentia implementation methodology Implex. This means: writing the project book, defining all deliverables throughout the project, reaching agreement on budget, scope, definition, timeframe with the senior management of the customer.

Project 3: After live: Support customer and improve Intentia Support towards customer. Solve open issues and define new request and enhancements. Operational this means assigning consultants to the customer to solve open issues either chargeable or on SLA.

Period January 2003 - December 2003
Client - Contract PinkRoccade Food - ‘s Hertogenbosch
Role Business Consultant
Implementation manager of a new business line: EDI - e-Business Services
Responsible for the design, strategy and planning of this new business line. Defining the business case in financial terms.
- Select and negotiate with e - Business Software vendors.
- Define cost/benefit and commercial benefits (Business Model and Business Plan). Together with purchasing department the cost structure was defined the business model was created.
- Prepare sales and marketing materials. Research for a business case: EDI / e - Business Solution Provider.
- Responsible for the definition of Web Application Server Architectures and Portals using the e - Business solutions. (Understanding Java Scripting, HTML-programming needed)

Period May 2002 - January 2003
Client – Contract KPN – Utrecht
Period Project Leader / Test manager

Test Manager using TMap
Project manager,
Change manager,
responsible for the implementation of new acceptance and release methodology for ERP/CRM system (Baan) that supports the client’s processes in Business Telecom environment.
o Introducing TMap to this branch of KPN (Entercom). Training the change manager and test coordinator in TMap. Defining the needs of Entercom using TMap but then adjusted to the KPN standards(as far as possible within TMap).

Period March 2002 - May 2002
Client - Contract Sennac France
Role Business Consultant Supervisor Peoplesoft CRM 8.1.6 implementation
IT Environment Sun Solaris, Oracle, Peoplesoft 8.1 – 8.4 CRM, Application Engine/Messenger
 Audit and Control: Quality control and quality check of functional design and technical design for large French insurance company.
 Support Functional design; On behave of the client’s users, the business requirements had to be checked against the functional design of the Peoplesoft CRM – implementation. Additionally advice had to been given to the users on the implemented solutions and the benefits of the chosen options.

Period December 2001 - July 2002
Client - Contract Seeburger (e-Business) Head office in Germany
Role Manager Benelux
IT Environment Seeburger e-business Software
- Operational Manager. Startup of the Benelux –office. Making a business-plan for the Benelux. Goal: expanding the German business to the Benelux.
- Commercial Contract closing / Negotiator: Contacts with existing and new clients for the Benelux. Defining partnerships with Benelux/Germany e-business experienced integration partners. Startup of a new office.Hiring newstaff.
- Channel management
- Technical and Functional knowledge of EDI and EAI solutions provided by Seeburger.
- Seeburger applications written in Java and C++. Basic knowledge of Java as well as C++ gained (internal trainings) for general technical assistance at customers site.
- New technologies i.e. Tracking & Tracing using RFID, Internet solutions using EDIINT AS2

Period February 2001 - January 2002
Client - Contract Corporate Express Office Products – Utrecht (a Buhrmann Company)
Role IT-Manager (Interim)
IT Environment Client/Server Windows NT 4.0, Large WAN, Hardware Sun/Solaris
Project control tools: Prince II
SAP application for finance, sales &distribution, order handling,
Sales information system, Warehouse mgt. (SD, FI/CO, MM, WM, CRM,BW).
Crystal reports.
DBMS: Oracle 8

- IT Manager A.I. (Responsible for the IT- Division (25 employees)
- Operational Manager.
Priorities: operational management and restructuring the division.
- Reduction external consultancy-staff,
- Knowledge improvement employees: training in SAP, training in Project Managment
- Workings-spirit enhancements.
- Change Management
- Mend employment for the next years, impact of organizational changes and the IT-consequences for the next years.
- Restructuring Division (consisting of 3 departments)
- Implementing communication-structures
Other responsibilities:
Selecting new hardware (Servers and pc’s)
Research for a new B2B-Integrator
Portal connections
Strategic Management
Policies for Corporate Express Europe. : Allign with CE Europe
Standardization of ERP-system: SAP as standard ERP-system for CE.
Standardization of e - Business solutions
Evaluation of Data warehouse solutions, Financial solutions (i.e. Business Object)
Standardization of Logistics solutions (Savoye Logistics Software)
o Due to standardization of ERP-system:
 A SAP Competence Centre was being put in place:
 Responsible for the initial start-up; Advantages of SAP, defining the different ERP systems within CE, SWOT-analyses on different systems.
 allocating staf, define goals, quality etc.
 Being the implementation manager for this CC.

Period - Permanent 03.1997 - 02.2001
Client Sparkassen Informatik Systeme West – Duisburg (D)
IT Environment Hardware: IBM 390
Operating System: MVS / TSO / Windows 95, Windows NT
Case Tools
- Case/4/0
- Platinum DB2-tools
Project planning with MS-Project
Role Project Manager / Information Analyst / DBA

1. Project Management / Information analysis and DB-Design for a project.
Defining the business needs for a new customer information system. Coaching the junior project manager new hired for this project
Full-lifecycle responsibility in planning, cost-control, time-management using MS-Project tool
Size of this project 1,5 Million D-Mark for Application Development.
Number of staff: 8 internal and 10 external developers, testers, business consultants.
Overall implementation responsibility for this projects for a large amount of Sparkassen subsidiaries.

2. Consultant and senior DBA in startup of a new DBA-department
- Consultancy for insurance package(Life Insurance). Defining
business requirements, Functional Design and Data Modeling.
- Consultancy in defining and starting a new DBA-department.
- Defining company rules, installing new tools, DB2-release-mgt.
- DBA for several projects.(i.e. saving account, mortgages, current accounts and BW
Defining the company needs concerning Database (DB2/Oracle) Testing several tools in
respect of the company needs(i.e. performances, Data modeling facilities, Database
generation facilities, Meta-structure, Reporting).
- Migration to new DB2-Releases (V5 / V6) and investigations on DB2 V7.

3. Roll-out Project Manager
Implementation Managing of a new customer information system(current accounts).
Planning and controlling the rollout of 90 local Sparkassen subsidiaries implementing a new online banking system.
Keeping the project administration up to date and supporting the consultancy-department.
Size of this project 1 Million D-Mark for Roll-out and specific Application Development.
Number of staff: 10 internal(business consultants and developers)

Period 01.1995 - 02.1997
Client - Permanent Softlab
Role Project Manager
IT Environment Hardware: IBM RS6000 /PC
Operating System: AIX / Windows 95, Windows NT
Software: Case Tool Maestro II
 Project Manager and Methodologies-Consultant for the company Softlab
o Introduction of casetool Maestro II for the areas Business Analysis and Functional Design for Softlab’s customers ING(Bank) and ABP(Pension Funds)
o Planning the introduction at customer’s site.
o Coordination of first and second-level support with German Head office
o Coordination and QA for new Software Developments
o Research for new product-lines of Softlab
o Coordinator of Softlab’s internal training programs

Period 04.1993 - 12.1994
Client - Permanent DKV - Euroservice Düsseldorf Germany
Function Project Manager
IT Environment Hardware: IBM 9120
Operating System: VSE, VM, OS2, Windows 95
Languages: COBOL, ISQL
Software: Case Tool ADW MS-Project

 Responsible for 3 projects in different business areas.
o FOrderungsMAnagement: Planning project life-cycle activities, research for 3rd party software solution, resource planning (up to 20 employees in- and external), roll-out in Germany and Europe.
o Conversion Project : Goal of the project: Defining a ‘CRM-like’ easy to use application for marketing research using the DBMS SQL/DS. Using case-tool ADW for DataModelling and Functional Design.
o European Freight Information System Project : Co-operation project with a UK-based company. resource planning (up to 40 employees in- and external), roll-out in European subsidiaries and major European and UK customers.

Short view of former activities:

Period Employer Permanent Contract Role
02.1992 - 03.1993 Management Share MEGA Limburg Maastricht Technical design
01.1992 Management Share Share Amsterdam Teacher
11.1992 Management Share Share Amsterdam Teacher
10.1991 - 12.1991 Management Share EDP Audit Pool Apeldoorn Technical consultant
01.1991 - 09.1991 Management Share Share Amsterdam Teacher
02.1990 - 12.1990 Management Share Philips Lighting Eindhoven Functional design/DBA
03.1989 - 01.1990 I T Services C.I.O.B. Eindhoven Functional design
10.1988 - 02.1989 I T Services R.C.C. Heerlen DBA
09.1988 I T Services Interaccess Weesp Teacher
03.1987 - 09.1988 I T Services Heineken Rotterdam DBA
01.1985 - 02.1987 I T Services C.I.O.B. Eindhoven Technical design
08.1981 - 12.1984 DSM Limburg Analist/programming


Hogeschool Limburg HEAO - MER ManagementEconomie Recht
Open Universiteit Organisatie Balans en Resultaatrekening IBW Praktische Bedrijfskunde
Assistent bedrijfseconoom


Project Management, Change Management,


Dutch 10
English 8,5
Spanish 6
German 9


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