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Interim ICT Director/Manager

Interim ICT Director/Manager

Work Experience

Romeike Media Intelligence, Palmers Green, North London
1999 to Date Media monitoring and analysis
Part of the Swedish based Observer Group AB, with sister companies in ten other European countries. Monitoring all forms of media (traditional press through to web news sites), supply of editorial summaries and analysis services.

Since I joined Romeike we have transformed the company from a 1980’s technical environment with a major shortfall in ICT investment into a contemporary infrastructure permitting the application of the Group business model and production systems. At the same time we have changed the business from a family owned structure and we have implemented a series of contemporary business practices.
IT Director responsible for all aspects of departmental function
Reporting to the Managing Director on all matters
Responsible for 9 staff supporting 400 users across 5 major sites throughout the UK
Key Achievements
Contribution to the wider business strategy debate (initiatives on planning, training, project management)
Establishment of policies and procedures covering such items as security, backups, support responses, change management, procurement etc.
Establishment of the framework to enable my European colleagues to create localised variant of many of the above policies
Leading role in working parties to establish Group systems standards
Replacement of almost all terminals, PC’s, Servers and infrastructure to permit the implementation of the new systems.
Implementation of the Production system, a Financial package, a CRM system, an Editorial system, Web delivery systems and a new Web Site.
Implementation of Company wide Email
Provision of Internet Mail and Web Access
Creation of strategies for Information Systems and Information Technology
Creation and implementation of operational plans to deliver strategies

Moat Housing Group Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent
1995 to 1999 Group of Housing Associations
Social landlords, carrying out development of property, estate management, specialist technical services, caring and support services.
During the four years that I worked at Moat we experienced a period of phenomenal growth, expanding from 150 to 450 staff separated into eight, independent group businesses, this required a significant degree of responsiveness and flexibility from myself and from my team.
Group IT Manager responsible for all aspects of departmental function
Reporting to the Finance Director on all matters,
Responsible for 11 staff supporting 400 users across 12 major sites throughout the South East of England
Key Achievements
Implementation of a core corporate systems upgrade from a 3GL to Informix 4GL product running under AIX
Implementation of a number of file server upgrades to Novell version 4.11
Introduction of routed WAN network using a variety of connectivity methods
Implementation of Group wide Email
Introduction of specialist applications, CAD, DTP, Project management
Implementation of a PC systems upgrade from Windows 3.11 to Windows NTv4
Migration from Lotus Smartsuite to Microsoft Office
Provision of Internet Mail and Web Access
Provision of Intranet site
Establishment and management of an IT Training function
Introduction of client server access from desktop to Informix databases
Introduction of a call centre
Several office relocations
20% reduction in telecommunications costs
53% reduction in the cost of IT per employee and 20% reduction in the cost of IT as a percentage of Turnover
Technical integration of new group members including conversion from existing data systems to group standard systems
Initiated a fundamental cultural change in the way in which the Group members viewed information, data and IT
Creation of strategies for Information Systems and Information Technology
Creation and implementation of operational plans to deliver strategies
Creation of various IT policies and procedures

Two Ten Communications Ltd, Old Street, London
1986 to 1995 PR Services – distribution of materials for the PR Industry
Media research and directory publishing producing both printed and computer based formats. Commercial word processing. Printing services. Press cuttings. Distribution services using methods from traditional hand delivery through fax broadcasting to direct input via satellite into national and regional Press production systems.

Two Ten (formerly PNA Services and UNS) were also characterised by a period of phenomenal growth. In my first four years the organisation doubled in size each year.
IT Manager responsible for all aspects of departmental function
Reporting to Managing Director on all matters,
Responsible for 7 staff, supporting 100 internal users across three sites and supporting 250 “Targeter” customers
Key Achievements
Introduction of Unix systems
Introduction of PC’s and Novell networks
Introduction of fax broadcasting
Introduction of PC based directory system, updated daily via Email (Targeter), earning revenue of £250,000 per annum
Integrating three separate businesses including data conversions
Office relocation
Core business systems redesign and redevelopment, including software for
Maintaining research databases
Printing directories
Production routines for selecting data & producing printed output
Transferring data to a third party systems for mailmerge and fax broadcasting
Invoicing and transferring data to a third party Accounts Ledger system.
Client handling and quotations software
Stock control and picking list


Open University. 1997 – date
1997 - 1998; Certificate in Professional Management Studies
1998 - 1999; Diploma in Professional Management Studies (DMS)
1999 – 2001; Masters in Business Administration (I am awaiting the result of my final examination for my MBA)


Over 25 years experience of team management, up to 21 staff
Contribution to overall Business strategy
Development and implementation of Information Systems Strategies
Development and implementation of Information Technology Strategies
Business analysis, translating cost justified business need into IT deliverables
Innovation and implementation of creative solutions to business problems
Origination of IT related policy and procedures (Security, Email, Project commissioning etc.)
Development of IT operational plans
Direction and management of IT projects
Direction of the application development program
Direction of the multi site WAN/LAN infrastructure development program
Direction of the PC and PC application development plan
Direction of the IT training program
Liaison and communication with colleagues at all levels
Selection and management of suppliers of products, services and outsourced operations
Presentation skills
Recruitment and development of staff
Building of effective teams
Setting of Budgets and responsibility for IT expenditure
Major contributor to the harmonisation of Pan European ICT Systems, Policies and Procedures
Technical Skills
Database Languages - Informix 4GL, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MS FoxPro
Operating Environments - DOS; Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000; Novell 3.x & 4.x; Unix SCO, AT&T, AIX; Lotus Notes
Hardware - PC\'s; Servers; Unix Systems; Printers; Terminals; Scanners; Modems; Multiplexors, Routers, Bridges, Switches, Terminal & Print Servers
Networking - Local and Wide Area Networking; TCP/IP, IPX/SPX; Kilostreams, Megastreams, Line of sight lasers/infra red, Fibre optic: 10Mb & 100Mb Ethernet; Network Design & Integration.
I*Net Technologies – Internet, Intranet, Extranet; HTML
Others - Database design; Project management; Data Communications; Telecommunications; Messaging; Scanning and OCR technologies; Search engines; Systems security
Applications used - Microsoft Office, MS Exchange, Lotus Smartsuite, CCMail, MS Project , Various DTP packages, Autocad Lite, Netscape, Internet Explorer


Memberships - MENSA, British Computer Society, Engineering Council (Chartered Information Systems Practitioner)


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